About Us


Why “Orientiful”?

The passion for facilitating greater understanding among different cultures led Weining (Grace) Guo to found Orientiful: a company based on her over 10 years of experience in strategic business development and market research in a cross-cultural context. 

Unlike the common interpretation of the word “Orient”, Orientiful has defined meanings: “Re-orienting the Orient” - applying ancient wisdom for today's fast-changing, modern world, finding our own direction, and embracing the rising sun within. It also implies beautiful products and their associated stories with innovative concepts.

Orientiful is a unique lifestyle brand with the "New Zodiac Animal Series" stories. It's a brand to express fun, thoughtfulness and creativity, dedicated to provide high-quality products with socially conscious designs and messages through personable customer experience. Orientiful merges traditional and modern concepts in unique and innovative ways to appeal to international audiences.

The core of our first story - “The Unconventional Journey of the Zodiac Pig Lulu”- is letting go of the past and embracing a new chapter in life, dedicated to self-realization and our nurturing relationship with nature and our world. While we take a more innovative and unconventional approach to these things, we have a deep and humble respect for all cultures and traditions. 

"New Zodiac Animal Series" characters, designs, and stories are © of GraceLink International Ltd. All rights reserved.