Prelude - Why Unconventional?

Come along, let’s ride the waves of mythology and go back to the beginning of time. We are going to tell a new story, a new message, about the twelve eastern zodiac animals.

While the traditional eastern zodiac animal story is NOT about CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION, our story is about CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

When something is whole, it is static, unchanging, and complete.

When Yin and Yang- each as half of the equilibrium of wholeness – exist, that static is upset, Yin and Yang each becomes the starting point for change.

What’s Yin and Yang? You might have heard of it, and you might have seen the symbol around - the mix of black and white as seen in the image above. The yin is the dark swirl and the yang is the light one and each side has a dot within it that is the color of the other side. This goes to show that everything contains the seed of its opposite. Within Yang, there’s always the starting point of Yin; and vice versa. Thus, Yin and Yang are not total opposites. They are relative to each other, complementary to each other, and support to each other.

As long as they exist, they chase after each other to seek a new balance, a process that never ends.

Yin and Yang is the law of the human world. In our story, it also holds the mystery for the CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION of the twelve eastern Zodiac Animals...

Let’s start with the zodiac pig "Lulu", our main character in the first season.

Yes, these are all our Lulu’s pictures, each record a different stage of her life.

Let’s see how our cute piggy embarks on an unusual journey of self-transformation, which eventually activates the possibility of the change of humankind trajectory…

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